Tiki Time

Enhance your Tiki adventure by preparing a Martin Denny tape to play in the car. Check out The Martin Denny Page for a discography. You'll surrender to the exotic mood when visiting the Tiki News Home Page. Note the address and send them a few bucks for a subscription.

Tonga Hut Cocktail Lounge 12808 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606 (818)769-0708 It's easy to miss the carved Easter Island head on this lovely stretch of Victory Blvd. It's worth looking for though. The drinks are cheap by SoCal standards and the interior decor is....worthwhile. Not fancy cocktails with umbrellas or fruit but the perfect stop after an afternoon of shopping the excellent SF Valley Thrift Stores.

Tiki Ti Cocktail Lounge 4427 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles (213)669-9381, has a fun crowd and incredible cocktails. The bartenders put on a good show but the prices are high. Expect to pay what a first run movie costs- not the bargain matinee- per drink.

Bahooka at 4501 Rosemead Blvd. Rosemead (818)285-1241 serves their cocktails with festive garnish and little umbrellas so I don’t mind dropping $4-5.00 on a fruity rum treat. The dinners are OK $7.00 for a veggie burger to $23.00 for steak and lobster. The décor (the most important element) is exceptional. Tiki’s, aquariums, nautical paraphernalia and many plastic parrots provide the perfect setting for serving bowls full of flaming alcohol. Only 15 minutes east of downtown, bring a group and party down!

Damon’s 317 N. Brand Blvd. Glendale (818)507-1510 This place is a trip. I think the original wait staff is still here. The food, meat and potatoes. You've gotta love the russian dressing and beets in the green salad. It's a signature dish. What I loved was 100% bamboo decor. Very tropical. Not many Tikis but strong drinks. No fruity garnish on the booze. Dinners are around $10-$12 so have your parents take you here. They'll love it too!

Trader Vics The Beverly Hilton 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills (310)276-6345

Royal Hawaiian Restaurant 331 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach (714)494-8001 Really nice deco bamboo interior and furniture. Interesting dioramas and tropical fountains but no fruit garnish on the drinks.

Oceanic Arts 12414 Whittier Blvd. Whittier (310) 698-6960 is a warehouse for all your Polynesian Pop accessories. From giant rental Tiki’s to disposable party supplies, this is the place to shop before throwing that “Hawaiian Eye” party.

Perhaps you’re into a virtual lounge scene, but really, try to get out once in a while.

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